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Houston, TX // July 09, 2020 -- Luminare is proud to partner with the CDC on the "Taking America Back to Work" showcase for the NACCHO Conference. Quickscreen by Luminare is a confidential, highly scalable and secure online self-certification platform designed for businesses of all types and sizes -- enterprise ready -- provides guidance on bringing the organization’s employees back to work during the coronavirus pandemic and a strategy to keep their employees, customers and community safe. This web-based solution is designed to empower businesses to know which employees or individuals entering their place of business are at risk for COVID-19 and provide clear instructions to any individual entering their premises who is at an elevated risk. Additionally, Quickscreen provides businesses with analytics to know real-time their workforce’s operational readiness.

Quickscreen will help decrease potential exposure to healthcare workers, avoid emergency room overcrowding, and allow efficient communication between the health department and the population at large. The tool is HIPAA and ADA compliant and also follows CDC and OSHA regulations and requirements.

Luminare developed the Quickscreen technology by leveraging their core expertise from their highly effective Sepsis detection software platform, currently used in hospitals. Quickscreen by Luminare has been used by more than 180,000 people for COVID-19 self-assessments and the tool has been stress-tested to over 1 million users per hour. The platform rests in Microsoft Azure’s Health Cloud and is currently being deployed affordably to businesses of all sizes ranging from small organizations to large enterprises.

“Stopping and predicting infections in hospitals has always been our core competency and stopping the 250,000 people annually from dying of sepsis in US hospitals is Luminare’s original mission. Stopping COVID and helping people return to work safely is an extension of our core competency and seeing everyday people using our software is gratifying.” -- Dr. Sarma Velamuri, M.D., CEO of Luminare

Luminare and the CDC are co-presenting this week at the NACCHO 360 virtual conference to showcase how information technology systems can work together to better manage and screen people for coronavirus. This conference connects the traditional NACCHO Annual conference with the PHIITS: Public Health Informatics, Information Technology, and Surveillance conference.

For more information, please visit https://quickscreen.luminaremed.com/.

About Luminare Luminare's mission is to stop sepsis deaths and morbidity in hospitals through efficient, software-driven detection. It was awarded Most Promising Web & IT company in the US in 2017 by Jones School of Business at Rice University and is also an alum from cohort X6 of the Texas Medical Center’s accelerator, TMCX+. Luminare has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on their interoperability showcase on sepsis to demonstrate their software to effectively move patient care. Luminare developed Quickscreen, an innovative COVID-19 screening tool to help people get back to work and keep businesses safe. To learn more about Luminare, visit: www.luminaremed.com.

About Quickscreen by Luminare

Quickscreen by Luminare is the country’s first employee self-certification system. It is an innovative COVID-19 screening tool to get your employees back to work safely. The syndromic surveillance tool is HIPAA and ADA compliant and follows OSHA and CDC guidelines. In addition, the tool is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Quickscreen can be accessed on smartphone, desktop, or tablet.

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